PPC Management Case Study – MediaGraphix

Case Study – PPC Management

Client: Mediagraphix PR, India

Website: www.mediagraphix.in


The Client

MediagraphixPR is a leading PR agency in India offering the best public relation services for ART, Lifestyle, and Fashion. The client has over 14+ years of industry experience which allows them to aid their clients in promotion and events from a wide range of industries.


Identified objectives

  • Create online awareness among businesses and agencies
  • Generate potential leads
  • Leverage paid traffic to drive real time business scopes


The Challenge

  • Bring down CPC bid to lower
  • Generate more potential leads
  • To target potential clients on search results within high competition
  • To grab audience attention by optimizing landing page as it was un-optimized


Our Approach

There was a huge competition for profitable keywords or key phrases associated with PR Industry. Thus, first, we took this challenge by optimizing the website and landing page itself, we optimized the complete site in terms of speed, images, and keywords.

Our team of PPC Experts conducted a comprehensive keyword analysis where they have focused on most profitable as well as secondary keywords within PR Industry.

As our main objective was to get more potential leads and to lower down CPC, we majorly focused on negative keywords, creating great ad copies, call-to-action and site extensions such as site links, call-out extension, and call option. In addition, our team of experts in PPC Management also optimized keywords within the content of landing page to increase campaign CTR rate to bring down CPC bid to lower as result.



Our PPC management services brought the both instant as well as long-term benefits to our Client. UprightDigital’s expertise in PPC Management not only helped our client to generate potential leads but also helped in improved the targeted traffic.

There is an increase in potential leads and the estimated percentage of cost per conversion which is below:

Conversion Rate = Increased by +120%

Cost-Per-Conversion = Decrease by -63%

Mobile Device Conversion = Up by +110%