SpotlightS2dio – PPC Case Study

Case Study – Pay Per Click

Client: SpotlightS2dio, India



The Client

SpotlightS2dio is a leading multimedia company in India offering the best media and multimedia services in terms of corporate films, documentaries, and TVC’s.



Identified objectives

  • Create a strong online presence
  • Generate potential sign ups from corporate agencies
  • Leverage paid traffic to drive real time business scopes


The Challenge

  • Bring down CPC bid to lower
  • Generate more potential leads
  • Retarget existing clients and visitors
  • To target potential clients on search results within high competition
  • To grab audience attention by optimizing landing page as it was un-optimized


Our Approach

The primary objective of the campaign included reaching out the potential clients or users to introduce their newly launched website and services. Thus, a comprehensive online strategy was required which started with an in-depth analysis into how best we can reach their potential audience.

It also included modifying the current website design and launching a range of landing pages that were regularly optimized based on collected traffic data.

To keep in mind about our primary objective to get more potential leads, we majorly focused on creating great ad copies, call-to-action and retargeting. In addition, our PPC experts created the set of display campaigns and Gmail sponsored campaigns to drive more traffic volume.



Our pay per click services successfully managed to get a remarkable growth of relevant leads to 3.4 times more than the assigned target. Our PPC strategies also helped the client in reducing the cost per lead improved the targeted traffic.

Conversion Rate = Increased by +240%

Cost Reduction = Decrease by -43%

Leads from re-targeting and display network = Up by +57%